Environmental Friendly Carpet Cleaning Can Keep Your Carpet Looking New

Carpets are an expensive buy. You not only love them, but want them to stay their best throughout their lifespan. Did you know you can keep your carpet looking new even after several years? The answer lies in using the right cleaning products and practises.

There is no need to fill your home with toxins by using chemicals to clean your carpet. There are enough eco-friendly cleaning processes that will clean your carpet, remove stains effectively and also help in keeping dirt and debris off.

Maintenance: Regular carpet maintenance is the only way to ensure your carpet retains its brand new appearance. Some of the ways to maintain your carpet are:

• Vacuum it regularly

• Use hot water extraction, also known as steam cleaning method.

• Carbonated water is readily available in the market. It helps in bubbling up the dust and bringing it to the upper layers of the fiber. You can clean your carpet with carbonated water and never have to resort to chemicals again.

• Sprinkle baking soda on your carpet to remove odors. Let the baking soda stand on your carpet for about 30 minutes and then vacuum clean it. It also functions as a good anti-bacterial agent.

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• White vinegar can help with the removal of pet odor. Dab your carpet with some white vinegar and gently rub pet stains. It will remove the stains and also odor. Let the carpet dry thoroughly.

Tips: Here are some tips to help you keep dirt, soil and other unwanted debris away from your carpet. This will reduce your workload as well.

• Use doormats at the entrance of your home to ensure dirt-free carpet.

• You can ask your family and guests to remove shoes while entering the house.

• Put a mat or rug underneath the carpet. This increases its life manifold.

• Clean, dry spills immediately. This will prevent spills from turning in permanent stains.

• When cleaning wet stains, don't rub. Otherwise the stain will get into the fibers and become permanent. Instead dab the stains gently with damp, lint-free cloth.


Here are some things to think about when you want to use green carpet cleaning methods.

• Healthy Ingredients: Check out the when shopping for carpet shampoos. There are special green home stores that sell green carpet cleaning shampoos and products. Stay away from cleaners that contain solvents. Instead, head for citrus and non-petrochemical solvents.

• Eco-Friendly Cleaning Companies: Select a company that is committed to the environment if you plan use the services of a professional carpet cleaning company. Check out their products and methods of cleaning prior to signing any bond.

• Don't Buy Acidic Carpet Cleaners: Tributyl Tin and Hydroxyacetic Acid and Formaldehyde are some chemicals that are a total no-no for your carpet and home because they are toxic to human beings and pets.

• Check in Household Products Database: Always check carpet cleaning shampoo by putting it on the National Institutes of Health's Household Product Database website. It would give you complete information about the product, including its ingredients.

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The major advantage of using environmental-friendly carpet cleaning methods is to your pocket, health and Mother Earth. So, if you are not using them, you are missing out on this benefit.

Common Mistakes

• Avoid using toxic spot cleaners containing butoxyethanol and similar poisonous solvents that can seep through the skin and poison liver, kidneys, blood and even reproductive organs.

• Using too much detergent on your carpet will leave it sticky. You will be able to see the residue of the detergent under artificial light. Avoid detergents and use hot water instead to clean your carpet.

• Ensure your carpet doesn't stay wet for long (more than 12 hours). Speed up the drying process using heater, fans and ventilation. Otherwise, your carpet will become a breeding ground for mold and bacteria.

So, get on to eco-friendly carpet cleaning methods and extend the life of your carpet, keep your home healthy and your environment safe.

Not sure if environment friendly carpet cleaning methods are your cup of tea? Check out this link to find out how green cleaning methods can benefit you, your carpet and the environment. Click here

Article Source: https://EzineArticles.com/expert/Nick_Kollaja/1805246

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